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If you see me in a fight with a bear, prey for the bear. That's "mamba mentality": we don't quit, we don't cower, we don't run. We endure and conquer. —— Kobe Bryant

I can still remember that it was a hot summer in 2008, I followed almost all the Olympic basketball games of the United States. No one would doubt that they were going to win the championship at that time. My attention was drawn by number 10 in that dream team. His moves were so beautiful and attractive that I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I have no idea how incredible impact of this man on me in my next eight years.

He is the most controversial players in NBA history. He was booed at 2002 All-Star game for winning his first All-Star MVP in his hometown Philly. He was so desperate to win every game. He can scored 81 points at one night but his team criticized his lack of teamwork. He failed to win the finals in 2008 in Boston so he was woken by the song I’m Shipping Up To Boston every morning in two years waiting for the chance to revenge. And he made it, in 2010.

One thing that impressed me most is his diligence, his hard-working and persistence for what he is passionate about. He made a fourteen-year-old girl believe the power of diligence.

I’ve got to realize that diligence does not count for everything, after I grow up. The fortune, the background and the talents are also essential to one’s life. But that fourteen-year-old girl was fully convinced by that number-24 player. She made up her mind to fulfill her biggest dream – to watch Lakers game one day in Staples Center. That was not a hard thing if you’ve got money and time actually, let alone a dream. But she wanna realize it in a hard way, in a way on her own.

She was often the last one in her first year in the class in high school. She was upset that there were so many things she cannot understand even though she studied that late after class. She got used to be the last one to leave the school at almost midnight in her third year, with no complaints and a thinking of giving up. I guess she was a very lucky girl. She believed in diligence and it paid off. Till now I started to realize that not everyone is as lucky as she was because the diligence does not always work. She got admitted by the top University and studied the what she likes – Statistics. She was still thinking about her little dream. She worked hard in the first two years in college and got the full scholarship for the exchange program in California.

All of her hard-working turned out to be worthwhile. She is now in California and she has been to those dream cities which she used to know from the TV. She loves her first game in Staples Center in Los Angeles. She could feel the happiness of one’s dream coming true. She planned her Kobe tour in Boston to watch Kobe’s farewell game against Celtics. Her favorite game was the one in Sacramento in 2016-Jan-07, although this time Lakers didn’t win the game at last, but it was the most excited one she’ve ever watched. She’s also been to Oracle Arena and she was so moved by the Jerry West’s farewell tribute for Kobe.

It is lucky for one to have chance to feel the dream-come-true moment, and I am one of those. Thank you Kobe. I will always be that fourteen-year-old girl, to believe the power of diligence for one’s life.

Ying Zhang

Ying Zhang

A statistician who gets lost in analysis.

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