Why diligence -- Childhood

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The most important person in my childhood, I would say it’s my grandpa. My parents are civil engineers and they settled down in Xiamen, where I grew up. They seemed always occupied with works in my memory, so since I was born, my grandpa took care of my daily life till I went to college, that is 19 years.

He left our hometown, a small village where he lived for years, to Xiamen, a quite modern city for my better education. He didn’t receive a lot education due to history reason. But he is a very good educator in my life. I learnt how to respect, to love and the importance of justice and integrity in one’s life. One thing he told me the most is to work hard for the life I want. He told me to learn to be a diligent person as best I can when I was just a little kid in kindergarten with only half of his height.

After I grew up, I gradually understood why grandpa only stressed the diligence instead of cleverness to a little kid. We would eventually find out this real world is not the fairy tale we thought when we grow up. But one has to live the life given what he or she has, no matter what. We cannot decide what we have when we were born, but we can always make it better given what we have. Success is conditional; success of one’s life is not the comparison with others; success is that we endure and conquer the difficulties to make what we have better.

Ying Zhang

Ying Zhang

A statistician who gets lost in analysis.

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